TV work.

I've worked on a broad range of programming in facual ents from Crime through to pop science, from magazine to obdoc. Below are a few snippets of things I've shot or directed for different programs.

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I've done a lot of work for the Crimewatch brand. I've directed and shot on 6 series of Crimewatch Roadshow as well as producing, directing and shooting a number of appeals for the main evening programme. Experiences have ranged from reconstructions, to going on raids and operations with the Police, to following  supporting  agencies such as RSPCA and Mountain Rescue. I've been in situations from wearing bullet proof jackets in Northern Ireland, to chasing burglars through the back alleys of Mosside. I've been in rivers and up mountains, out on patrol with firearms units, and have done a lot with Police dog units.

Below are a few examples of my work while filming  on RDF's  Shop Well For Less for BBC 1 Network. There are three actuality sequences and some Packshot examples.